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Sustainability data

See how well your company complies with sustainability regulations and where savings can be made while being environmentally concious.

Credit and finance management

Be better prepared by understanding the financial situation of your competitors, clients and business relations.

Market intelligence

Looking to expand into other markets? Searching for new customers or business partners? Use Eccentrade's platform to make better business decisions.

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Power in numbers! Submit your sustainability data for a free month of subscription. The more insights we have, the better our predictions for you will be.

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Do you know what credit risks you are currently running? How 'clean' your supply chain is? Are you looking for new business partners? Wish to monitor changes in your portfolio automatically?

We offer credit and sustainability checks and monitoring tools. We are adding more business insights daily.

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Companies complying with local eco regulations

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At the forefront of sustainability

The need for doing business sustainably becomes more pressing every day, as international regulations and local laws become increasingly stringent. Eccentrade not only offers financial information but helps you comply to these existing and new rules and business standards, by offering insights into companies’ sustainability and CSR performances. Eccentrade sees sustainability as one of the main KPIs for doing business.

Discover environmentally conscious business partners within a range of business sectors.

Influence your market and set the standard for environmental foresight and action.

Get the insights you need immediately and avoid hours of painstaking searches.

Plan for an environmentally sustainable business future without compromising on the financials.

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