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Financially Healthy?

Is a company healthy and profitable? Is it still growing? What about management, the finances and the credit situation? Are they delivering and paying on time?
View the financial details of every company in the world, before entering into business with them.


Our planet is everything. Taking good care of it while doing healthy business is the true profit of the future. How does a company score on sustainability?
View the sustainability figures for companies and make a wise choice.

Market intelligence

Looking to expand into other markets? Searching for new customers or business partners? Use Eccentrade's platform to make better business decisions.

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The power of numbers

The more data we feed into our advanced models, the more reliable the outcomes and the more accurate the predictions. We are therefore proud that there are now more than 270 million companies in our database. We use more than 400 sources for our credit calculations and we display five full years of business history. These aren’t just numbers. This is data you can build on, and feel confident about using to inform your big decisions.

270 million


400 sources

for calculations

Sustainability as KPI

Of course, you want a company that you do business with to be reliable, pay on time, and be in good shape financially. But the sustainability score is just as important. Not only because we’re all responsible for preserving our planet, but also because international regulations and local laws governing this are becoming stricter. The question is, how do you measure this?

And the answer is, we’ve done that for you. We are the only database in the world to incorporate company sustainability data so that you can make a conscious choice about who you would like to work with, now and in the future. You can check yourself and others at:

  • ISO 9001 / 14001 / 50001 / 22000
  • ITO/TS 16949
  • FSSC 22000
  • IRIS
  • CO2 Prestatie Ladder
  • MVO Prestatie Ladder


Accenture Innovation Awards


European Fintech Awards


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