Our Company

Eccentrade is more than just a collection of figures. Our unique algorithm and the enormous quantity of data we gather from numerous sources mean that our numbers give you valuable insights. These insights could make a difference in your business decisions. The figures provide an image on which you can base your plans, strategy and goals.

And yes, there are other parties that also offer this service. But there’s only one that looks beyond the daily business, that cares about our planet and the people who live on it, and that therefore not only gathers financial, company and credit data, but has found a way of giving companies a sustainability score. This means that doing business doesn’t only deliver profits for your company, but also for the rest of the world. That’s genuine profit, right?

“I believe in a world in which we make products without depleting our natural resources. Products that we reuse to make other products, while preserving our beautiful planet. Eccentrade comes from the word ‘Eccentricity’: a perfect circle. And the circle is complete if the waste from one company is the raw materials for another. Imagine a world without waste. Wouldn’t that be a beautiful world?”

Work with Eccentrade and fuel your conscience.

Jean Witteveen,
Founder & CEO Eccentrade

Our mission