Our Solutions

Does the company that you want to check actually exist? What is their financial status, who is in charge, and last but not least, does the company operate sustainably? You’ll find all of the answers in our database. Easy when it’s the largest in the world!

Company verification

Begin at the beginning: does the company actually exist? And is the management authorised to act?

Name and address details

How can I contact a company, which legal status does it have, has it ever been bankrupt, or has it requested a postponement of payment? What is its creditworthiness, and how is the board structured?

Financial data

Does the company pay relatively rapidly or slowly? What chance is there that it will go bankrupt between now and 12 months from now?


How is the company structured? Does it have subsidiaries, who is ultimately responsible, and does it have multiple branches? Does the company also operate internationally?


Is the company socially responsible in its business operations? How does it deal with waste and purchasing processes? Does it give something back to the community?


Looking at the past teaches us lessons for the future. Therefore, you can see whether there have been changes in the legal status, address or management of a company, and we also link you to relevant news releases that mention the company.


Have you already been working with a company for a long time? Then you’ll also want to know the state of the company today. That’s why we continue to monitor all companies, so that you always have the latest news.

Data enrichment

Once you’re doing business with a company, it’s useful if the data from your customer database is aligned with ours, so you’re sure that you are always up to date with the current state of affairs. No problem.