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Eccentrade is the market leader in the area of company data

With the biggest database containing over 270 million companies worldwide, Eccentrade is the proud world leader in the area of reliable company and credit reports. With over more than 400 data sources we are able to deliver the absolute best and accurate company data available. The proof of the pudding is in the eating. We therefore invite you to test our services and data for free. With the free demo account you will be able to do an actual credit and company check for the companies of your choice.

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Company data

With over 270 million companies and company data inherited from over more than 400 data sources, Eccentrade is the absolute largest company data provider in it’s field. With Eccentrade you are guaranteed of the best credit report and data accuracy. Only this way you are able to take responsible and adequate business decisions.

Credit report

Due to complex algorithms and extensive data, Eccentrade is able to deliver the best and most complete company and credit reports. With the company reports and credit reports from Eccentrade, you are absolutely assured that your company has the whole and accurate picture when it comes to company that you are verifying.

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Sustainability data

Eccentrade is proud to say that we as a leading organization worldwide, are the only organization who is able to deliver sustainability data from a company. This is absolutely unique and we do our utter best to improve and encourage the use of sustainability data so that we can actually contribute to a better world.

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Leading quality and quantity

Within the field of credit management, company data en financial reporting we continuously strive to stay ahead of the game. Our motivated team of developers and specialists made it their life work to continuously improve our portal. This with the goal in mind that Eccentrade customers always must have the most complete, most accurate and most recent data available. Where other companies stop, we actually start.

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You are looking how to perform a free credit check? With Eccentrade you can freely test the advantages of the extensive credit checks that Eccentrade offers. Eccentrade has over 270 million companies and credit information records, based on 400 data sources and smart algorithms. Eccentrade is the absolute world leader and game changer when it comes to credit checks and company data.

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Eccentrade on a mission

Eccentrade has a dream and a mission. We want to create more transparency within and between companies. By connecting company data and actually making transparant how sustainable a company is, we indirectly appeal on the corporate citizenship of companies worldwide. This way Eccentrade creates more awareness and even helps facilitating the road of sustainable entrepreneurship. With Eccentrade data it is also easy to find sustainable partners or suppliers for your services and products. This way we can collectively improve the world we live in. This is our dream, this is our mission, this is our product.


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“I am every time surprised about the large amount of information of the credit reports. It actually became a habit to check every company that applies for a partnership.”

— J. Brader, One Motion

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